Bonding with baby.

A mother breast feeding—a process that facilit...

A mother breast feeding—a process that facilitates mother–infant bonding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a long sound sleep your little bundle of joy is ready to give you the focus of those beautiful bright eyes, or it could be the squawking of a hungry baby. Either way, baby  is looking for food.

Don’t forget that first feeding is important to both of you, it is important to be calm and just let baby set the pace. If she fusses don’t take it persona, it’s just her way of getting acquainted with it.

Remember, you are both in this together, you are anxious to be a mom and although she is hungry she is figuring out nursing too, This is your first real bonding experience, so have fun with it.

Dads might think that moms have the act of bonding cornered with breastfeeding, but you have no cause to feel left out of it. Studies have shown that you produce almost the same level of oxytocin (a hormone that is key to jump starting and maintaining the nurturing instincts in men and women)  as mothers.

So dads, please,  feel  free to let the love that you feel for your baby in, you do have the capacity for it.   Cuddling your baby after birth , feeding your baby with expressed milk,  skin to skin contact with your son/daughter would really increase your nurturing and bonding abilities  with the same perks enjoyed by moms.

I know in the distant past that it was thought to be a “mom thing”, now there are studies to prove that isn’t so. Even  during pregnancy you were taking care of your baby by making joint decisions on how to care for  his mother. So don’t feel left out of your baby’s life.

"Father gives attention to his newborn da...

“Father gives attention to his newborn daughter in a hospital warming tray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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