Baby’s First Bath


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A Sponge Bath

Although your new baby needs to be cleaned, newborns do not get dirty, it is advisable to start by giving him a sponge bath for about a week, or until the umbilical cord stump dries up and the area is completely healed.

You will need to select a room that is warm, the sink in your bathroom is a good example. Have the items that you will need for a sponge bath within easy reach:-

You will need to be focused solely on your baby, never leave your baby unsupervised,  so turn off any distractions, if the door bell rings and you need to answer it take him with you!

Undress baby to the diaper and wrap a towel around his lower half, some babies might not like to be completely naked.

Before you begin, test the water to be sure that it is warm enough but not hot!

Keep a  secure hold on him while you use the cotton balls to clean around the eyes.The cotton tip applicators are great for cleaning various ear and neck crevices, do not insert in ear canal.

Give baby’s face a thorough cleaning using the warm wash cloth, dry his face, then on to his hair, use the wash cloth to gently squeeze a little water on his hair, apply a dab of shampoo and gently massage his scalp and rinse by squeezing water so it runs over hair, blot dry and cover with the hood of towel.

Continue cleaning arms and legs by gently extending and washing and drying, and covering again alternately with wash cloth and towel.

To clean the genitalia area. For girls, hold baby’s legs out like a frog, gently spread the labia and wipe with with a warm moist cotton ball. Always wipe from front to back, this area needs the most thorough cleaning as there might be secretions, caked diaper cream. For boys, clean the creases beneath the  scrotum, the skin of the groin and buttocks and the base of the penis. Retract the skin if uncircumcised, to gently clean area.

Quickly dry and dress your bundle of joy before he has a chance to catch a cold.

My reference for this blog came from Ask Dr




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