Baby’s First Car Seat

Child safety seat image indicating the various...

Child safety seat image indicating the various parts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other very important issue I would like to write about, is travel.

Whether you are taking baby home from the hospital, to the doctor for vaccinations & check-ups, shopping,  or that Sunday drive. Your little bundle of joy needs the special protection of the infant safety seat, this is the rear-facing infant car seat.

There are a few specifics for installing this type of car seat :-

  1. Facing the rear of the vehicle. This is because infants‘ spine, neck, head and pelvis is yet to mature,  and they are at risk of spinal cord and head injuries.  If an accident occurs, baby’s body moves back into the shell of the infant car seat and the head, neck and spine is supported.
  2. In the back seat. Away from airbags in the vehicle’s dashboard, this would prevent suffocation and other injuries that can be occur from an exploding airbag.
  3. Harness. Try the seat belt in your vehicle to ensure a proper fit,  not all car seats are made for every vehicle.The base of the infant rear facing car seat should not move more than an inch. When babies are in their rear facing car seat, the harness should be over their shoulder and should be firm against their body ( not tight). place the chest clip even to your child’s armpits.
  4. Safety Standard. Look for the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard label or Statement of Compliance on the seat. Look for the round sticker with the Maple leaf on it. And in the U.S.A look for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s five star rating system or  the NHTSA.  The manufacturer’s manual would have step by step instructions on installation and use of your baby’s  car seat.

Here is a link that you will find very useful:-


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