Other articles that I have published.

In my next post, I intend to share, with you,  a very serious health issue that can affect newborns with deadly outcome. In the mean time, if you are interested in more of my published works, you can look me up at skperdon.hubpages.com

You will be able to find information on some health issues such as Blood InfectionAbdominal Obesity and ITP.

I have also shared some of my experiences on social and parenting issues in Different Lifestyles – Hub 1 and Hub 2.

A sixth hub that I have published on HubPages,  is currently up for this week’s Rising Star Program. The Hub is titled My Lasagna without Ricotta.

You can vote for “My Lasagna without Ricotta”  by clicking on the link above, before Wednesday of this week.

Stay Healthy and Happy now!

And now for some good news!!!

The Hub is titled My Lasagna without Ricotta. WON!!!!!

“My Lasagna without Ricotta” is now a Rising Star on HubPages Rising Star Program.

Thank you for your support! Those of you who voted for it made it happen.


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