Family Funecha

Family Funecha (Photo credit: RG&B)

I am a retired childcare provider and  I am a stay at home mom of two. I write Blogs on WordPress.com and I’m also writing hubs on Hubpages.com.

I love to write and there are a variety of topics that I am exited about and love sharing it with readers, especially the topics that can help make someone’s life a lot easier.

The topics that I have shared are on Baby Basics on WordPress and Food, Parenting Styles and Health on Hubpages.

The posts that I have written on this page are written with  some of the issues that I needed help with when my first child was born. I had to adjust my knowledge when my second child was born, because I found out that each baby experiences was totally different.

The first begins with Welcome Baby which highlights some of the issues that pops up as (new and second time around) parents set eyes on their newborn.

I am going to be updating and adding more information and links to other trusted sites that I have used to reinforce my knowledge of caring for infants.

You can also follow me on Twitter, Google+ and Weebly.


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